Son of Waves Studios presents… new full-length ambient trance release from veteran electronic producer
Dylan Tauber would like to invite you on a galactic trip through the multiverse. A veteran of intelligent dance productions since 1996, join Tauber on his twelfth full-length studio expedition, an interstellar voyage across the worlds of trance, ambient and psychedelic electronic music.

Tauber, a prolific multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, writer and recording artist based in northern Israel, has seen his artistic endeavours take him from New York to Jerusalem and – literally - around the world. After trekking the planet from the dawn of the millennium to 2001 - beginning and ending in Israel - and countless album and book releases since, Son of Waves Studios is extremely proud to present Tauber’s twelfth studio album, Sounds From Space.

Sounds from Space

Sounds From Space celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Tauber’s debut musical project, the Double Mirrors anthology. Double Mirrors is an immersive multimedia experience created by Tauber in 1996, encompassing music, a book, video slides and a companion website. It was ahead of its time then, and is equally important in today’s age of rampant fake news and hyper media. A self-professed investigation of the ‘cyber-spiritual revolution’, Sounds From Space is full of haunting atmospheric soundscapes, some layered with stunning vocals from guest singers Enlia and Francessca Belisario, who emerge throughout the album like distant twinkles in the sky.

Enlia FrancesscaBelisario



Lead single ‘He Loves Carmen‘ has been setting airwaves abuzz recently. A contender for the euphoric trance anthem of the summer, the song has been featured on mainstream and underground stations alike. Francessca Belisario’s hypnotic tones float over synthesizer stabs and pounding bass. Euphoric, intelligent and highly danceable, ‘He Loves Carmen’ is but an introduction to the vast sonic territories that Tauber explores on Sounds from Space.

Other highlights include Enlia’s harmonic musings on the subtle trance excursion ‘Clouds’, and ‘Take Me to Space’, which features Middle Eastern influences rolling under Belisairo’s lush, ambient vocals. All this demonstrates the scope and complexity of Tauber’s latest electronic creation.

Sounds From Space is equally workable in a club, festival or bedside listening capacity, and the closest music we might get to sampling the universe outside of planet Earth.

‘Sounds from Space’ is released on 10/15/17. You can stream it on Dylan Tauber’s website, where you’ll also find more information about his numerous other projects.