Dylan Tauber’s song “Into the Light” won the #1 spot on the Beat100.com Audio Chart on 2/27/15:

2/27/2015, Beat100.com:
The winner of this week's BEAT100 Music Audio Chart is Dylan Tauber! Dylan climbed to the top of the Audio Chart with his original track 'Into the Light' which gained over 700 plays from the BEAT100 community. Inspired by the likes of Enigma and Deep Forest, Dylan began his love affair with music in 1992 after discovering the club scenes in Tel Aviv and New York. Dylan is an artist, musician and author who began his career in 1996 with the release of the Double Mirrors anthology which included a book, video slide shows, soundtrack and accompanying website. Since then the multi-talented singer has travelled the world, taking his passion for music with him, and has previously been based in New York, Miami, Jerusalem and a south-west Pacific island where he spent his time photographing dolphins! Now based in North Israel, Dylan has focussed on his writing for the past few years, releasing two e-books in 2013. Moving back to his musical career we are very excited to hear that he has completed his seventh album this year! His new album, 'Near Death Experience', follows the previous six ambient/electronica themed albums that have been released over the course of Dylan's career. As well as his impressive amount of album releases through his Sons of Waves studio music label, Dylan has also created an impressive network of 10 websites, generating over 2 million page views since the launch of is career in 1996. The talented business man is currently focussing on publicising his seven albums whilst continually working hard to create new tracks!
Listen to ‘Into the Light’ by Dylan Tauber here.