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New Philosophical Idea Mirrors How We Think
In 1994, author Dylan Tauber first expressed the “Double Mirrors” theory which has gone on to form the basis of an e-book which was released on November 27, 2013. The 420 page e-book, entitled “Double Mirrors,” is available through Smashwords for only $2.99 and Amazon on paperback and hardback.
Charting the journey from Milwaukee to a dolphin inhabited Pacific island, the story is one of philosophical and spiritual reflection, in which the author regales stories of triumph and tragedy and culminates in the fleshing out of a new spiritual and philosophical way of thought.
This is not a book for traditional thinkers, as it calls into question the very ideals that modern religions are keen to have us believe. This book is for you if your quest for inner awareness and spiritual development is one that allows for out-of-the-box thinking.
The author describes the theory thus: “Our minds function like Parallel Mirrors, producing an illusion that provides the potential of infinite significance to everything in our lives.“ It’s a thought that could keep you thinking about its nature indefinitely.
Readers are led through some light autobiographical reading to familiarize themselves with how the author’s mind works, before embarking on the spiritual journey that some reviewers have described as inspiring and life changing.
All is not surrounded in mystery. For those curious to know more, they can forego the small $2.99 entry fee to the story of how this system of thought came about, and read more about the story and the book at
Fans of the book will be delighted to know that the full experience is rounded out by multimedia – soundtrack, images and animation – to enhance the sensory experience of each participant’s own inner journey.
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