Dylan Tauber – Renaissance Man


Dylan Tauber is a prolific artist, musician and author with a unique sound and a very special message.

His ambient soundscapes, featuring the sounds of nature alongside technology and the human voice at its very finest, express the kind of deep spirituality rarely found in today’s mainstream music.

He has crafted six equally inspiring, beautiful, majestic albums of ambient wonder, all of which are newly available on his website – www.dylantauber.com. It is also where one can find examples of his artwork, photography and writing.

A true renaissance man, Dylan is an artist in the original sense. He does not restrict himself to one medium but manages to convey his personal message through music, the visual arts and his writing.

His music – the latest example of which is the phenomenal album ‘Breathe’, featuring the exceptional vocal talents of Israeli-Ethiopian singer Dege – sheds light on the mystery of human consciousness in a way that is both beautiful and endlessly revealing.

Dylan has swam with dolphins all over the world, and in addition to music, underwater photography and digital art of dolphins are a major element of his work.

Influenced by the sounds of marine life – dolphins, whales and others – as much as by the spiritual sound of Ethiopian song, Dylan’s music is at the same time a modern phenomenon. Using new technology to create his soundscapes, it is art at the point where man meets machine.

It is also music that considers both the body and the mind. All Dylan’s music, particularly the stunning ‘Breathe’, revolve around his two metaphysical theories: ‘Double Mirrors” and “Ones and Zeros”. His next album will also deal with the theme of near death experiences.

It is serious music from a serious artist. But it is also beautiful music, created by a very special talent.

As befits his deep spirituality, Dylan offers his music to download for free on www.SWStudios.net/music. It is also available to buy on Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes.