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Tauber’s skills as a musician, photographer, and artist are projected on his web sites most clearly.
May 16, 2013 - Often people are elated at the sight of beautiful glossy dolphins springing up from the water in special pools or at sea side but there’s one man who had been a passionate dolphin lover all through his life, swimming with dolphins all around the world, and is no ordinary man but a real gifted one with extraordinary skills as a musician, author and artist. He is none other than Dylan Tauber, the founder of the site and This exceptional talent became world-reputed since the year 1996 when he came up with his Anthology of ‘Double Mirrors’. The concept of Double Mirrors has much to do with the self-reflection & internal dialogue of man. Another very vital concept that made Dylan Tauber quite famous is one very complex equation of Ones & the Zeros that examines the flow of love in the entire Universe and anything that opposes it. In his non-profit project he intends to highlight these two concepts, together with the help of eleven other “dolphin” partners.
Through, Dylan Tauber also intends to promote the inter-species communication of the dolphins and whales in partnership with Sierra Goodman in Costa Rica. His love affair with the dolphins allows him to be deeply influenced by the real sounds of the marine world. He experimented with technology to produce the different sounds of the marine creatures like dolphins and whales and in that way it may be said that he, a musical artist in this context honed his skills with the help of a machine. Thus he has given the world some outstanding soundtracks like Song of the Whale, Dolphin Whisper, Crying Dolphin etc. The music of Dylan Tauber in other words is very much modern music, making use of exceptional quality high level sound effects. Apart from music, he is also a prolific underwater photographer. Therefore on this site he has uploaded many of his whale and dolphin photography creations, music compositions, plus videos, and promoted those through the site.
Dylan Tauber at present has his base in northern Israel. He wishes to enhance his knowledge on dolphins by researching and protecting the bottled-nosed dolphins off the northern coast of Israel in partnership with IMMRAC. He has also taken up the mission to safeguard environment in and around the Israel Coast in partnership with Eco Ocean. Dylan wishes to produce as well as record serious music on a remote Pacific island with his partner Glenn Manglona. Dylan Tauber is also a very thoughtful author whose thinking power often melts into mysticism, metaphysics & spirituality. In he also wishes to promote Out of Body & Near Death Experience information in partnership with,, also contains a blog and news articles on spirituality, awareness and love.
“ is an incredible site with stunning videos & soundtracks” says a happy visitor.
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